Services We Provide

Tax & Accounting Services Offered for Individuals & Small Businesses
W/E understand the need for good accounting records. The accuracy and timeliness of any accounting records have a domino effect from everyday business decisions to tax return preparation. Our bookkeeping services include:
  • Bookkeeping Set-up
  • Bookkeeping Clean-up
  • QuickBooks Training
  • Ongoing Preparation of Bookkeeping Records
  • Temporary Outsource CFO/Controller
Individual & Business Income Tax Preparation/Planning:
The complexities of our modern tax system make it difficult for easy interpretation and navigation. W/E understand that not everyone can or even wants to understand the nuances of our tax laws. Our tax services include:
  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • Business Income Tax Preparation (Partnership, Corporation, LLC & Sole Proprietor)
  • Individual Tax Planning & Consulting
  • Business Tax Planning & Consulting
  • Tax Resolution Assistance
  • Review of Prior Year Individual/Business Income Tax Returns (Always Free of Charge)
Small Business Support:
Are you starting a new business and not sure where to even start when it comes to the tax & accounting side of things? W/E are happy to consult and assist with any questions you might have navigating the beginning stages of your business. 
While we do not handle payroll services directly in-house, we have partnered with ADP. ADP offers a wide variety of payroll, retirement & HR services. W/E work hand in hand with ADP and our clients to assist in the set-up and maintenance of payroll processing. 
If you would like more information on ADP payroll, please click the following link below or contact our office: